Born 18 December 1948
  • Place of birth: Burbank, California
  • Parents: Clarnell Elizabeth Kemper & Edmund Emil Kemper Jr.
  • Children: None

Case File

Murder, Necrophilia, Dismemberment


10 Murders

Edmund Kemper committed a series of gruesome crimes in the 1970s. He murdered 10 people, including his grandparents, his mother, and several young women. Kemper's crimes were characterised by their brutal nature, as he would often strangle his victims and then mutilate their bodies.

He also engaged in necrophilia and would often dismember his victims. Kemper's killings shocked the public and led to increased attention on the issue of serial killers in the United States. He was eventually caught and sentenced to life in prison, where he remains to this day.

  • Nicknamed the 'Co-Ed Killer' due to him targeting female students


Currently being held at California Medical Facility